Self-Regulating Flight Operations and Social Drone Community

We built MyROZ for the users. We want this to be the first app they use, when the recreational UAV pilot goes to fly. With the proper tools, we as private citizens can be responsible for our own actions, and have the capability of managing our drone operations and have fun.” – Mr. Raphael, MyROZ Founder Spread the word! The more UAV/ drone flights displayed on the MyROZ map, the better we can manage and responsibly regulate ourselves. Fly safe, have fun, and self-regulate by using MyROZ.

Here is a quick guide of the MyROZ features to help you get the most of your MyROZ experience.

Sidebar toggle

MyROZ User Community Listing –

Accessed by clicking on the double arrow character “>>” shown on the left hand side of the page. Allowing you to view and connect with other MyROZ community members.


Profile, Settings, and Contact Us

Access/ edit important account information.


UiN –

The UiN zone (short for “Are You In”) allows you to connect with other MyROZ users.

Send individual messages and/or share media with other MyROZ community members.

By using the UiN MyROZ feature you agree to our Terms of Use

Any inappropriate messages and images will be removed and could result in the suspension of your account.

My drones

My Drones -

Enter your individual UAV/ drone information. Set your UAV MFG/model, flight time, radius, and altitude- this information will automatically be uploaded upon generating a new flight.

Upload media for you to store, share in the gallery, or send via UiN message to another user. You can select for this information to be “public” or “private” as you upload the information.

My flights

My Flights

Start a flight immediately or plan future flights.

The My Flights tab is where you would also go to access past flight information and to plan future flight history.

One of MyROZ key features, My Flights builds your unofficial ROZ (restricted operation zone) bubble on the MyROZ application for active flights, allowing you to safely manage your immediate airspace and making your active flight visible to other MyROZ users.

Show ROZ

No Fly Zone -

Clicking this tab, displays FAA restricted airspace data on the map.



Provides users with other MyROZ users drone flight data for their immediate environment, in addition to FAA restricted airspace data, enabling them to practice safe and responsible drone activities.

A Green ROZ bubble means active flight, you can scroll on a users active flight bubble to view flight details.

A gray bubble is displayed for one hour following active flight, for additional safety purposes, as it notify’s other users as to an active UAV in their area.



Software developer to build automatically feed for open software, for flight information to MyROZ platform.

The Skies – Newsfeed and Gallery


Follow trending news, post photos/ videos to share with all MyROZ users, view worldwide member posts.

Drone For Hire


View UAV pilot portfolio and contact user for local UAV needs.