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Orlando City. Our City

O-Town "Down Town Orlando, FL Lake Eola

BY Dennis Colon on 27-08-2016
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Close up to Light Pole

Practicing flying close to structures for aerial inspection

BY Tariq Rashid on 17-08-2016
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Ponce Inlet, FL

Flying around the beach

BY Dennis Colon on 17-08-2016
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St. Augustine

Family Vacation

BY Dennis Colon on 17-08-2016
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Star Wars

BY Maik titov on 17-08-2016
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personal drone

Airspace is currently defined according to flight levels, and the level that drones fly at is mainly unregulated. Regulatory bodies, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), are working on legislation to control the personal and business us...

BY Julia Vanjushanik on 17-08-2016
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drone for enjoy

In the past, UAVs have most often been associated with the military. However, recent technological advances have led to an increasing number of applications for drones in other industries as well as the consumer market. Drones are used in a wide var...

BY Julia1 Vanjushanik on 17-08-2016
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Foxtechfpv Lightning 210 – Flight Test, Review & Pin Remova

Check out the newest release from FoxtechFpv! - The Lightning 210 is available as an ARF "Almost Ready to Fly" and RTF " Ready to Fly". Foxtech sent us the Arf version. Also includes Naze32 Rev 6 and you can setup in Cleanflight. The 210 is compatibl...

BY Настя Иванова on 17-08-2016
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The New DroneDeploy Study

Found an interesting article. Decided to share. Fixed-wing drones not quite taking off in commercial market, a new DroneDeploy study finds DroneDeploy released a new study of the commercial and industrial drones market this week, revealing bad new...

BY Настя Иванова on 17-08-2016
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