The MyROZ app brings awareness to users UAV flight routes, not just for drone users, but for the general public, and fixed-winged aircraft as well. The MyROZ map identifies MyROZ users UAV active flight location and FAA restricted air space. The UAV/drone data shown on the MyROZ map is all user provided and for the purpose of user interaction and air mishap prevention. Our goal is to educate and guide drone operators and the general public of the safe and fun practice of drone operations. As we believe we are our best when we can coordinate safety and operations ourselves, and keep the environment free and open to creativity.

The map information is intended to be used for interaction with recreational UAV/ drone pilots which fly safely below 500 feet, it is presently not meant to be used for commercial or FAA regulated drones.

User ROZ (Restricted Operational Zone)

Once a flight has been initiate by a MyROZ user, their active flight ROZ is shown on the MyROZ map for the duration of their flight. The ROZ is created using the users mobile device GPS location and their set preference radius, which a user inputs when creating a drone profile.

After an active flight, a gray ROZ is shown in the user’s last location for one hour, for additional safety and to bring awareness to other users in the vicinity.


MyROZ alerts users when they are flying near or within another users ROZ and also when flying in or close to restricted airspace.

Map Drone No Fly Zones

MyROZ uses Google maps for worldwide location mapping and Mapbox to identify FAA designated restricted flying areas. For more information on the drone no fly zones please visit Mapbox. Identifying airspace restrictions is a constant task. To assist us in classifying additional restricted airspace or to suggest map edits please visit Mapbox Feedback

To add other data sources to the map, such as commercial UAV flight paths, or to make map suggestions please contact the MyROZ team.

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