Thank You!

MyROZ exists only because of its users, as the UAV data shown on MyROZ is all user provided. Therefore we want to extend a big THANK YOU for joining us and participating in the world’s first social drone community!

About MyROZ:

MyROZ is a UAV/ drone pilot interactive application that provides its users with fun, flight safety, and interactive functions. Greatly enhancing the drone piloting experience! MyROZ creates an unofficial operational airspace for its users, providing other MyROZ users visibility to drone data in their immediate environment and around the world, enabling them to practice safe and responsible drone activities. Another feature that makes us unique is the interaction with other users, drone operators, non-users, and the general public: all within the UiN Zone, short for “are you in?”. This is an area where users can send messages, share photos and videos and collaborate with each other!

With the rapid expansion of UAV/UAS operators entering the busy skies, MYROZ provides users with aerial safety and allows communication with other registered users. MyROZ also hopes to facilitate and bring awareness to flight routes, not just for drone users, but for the general public and fixed-winged aircraft as well.

We are very excited about the services we provide to the uav/drone user and the world interested in its technology!

Company Purpose:

Not only do we want MyROZ to be the first worldwide drone interaction app, but we want to be on the forefront of educating and guiding drone operators and the general public of safe and fun practice of drone operations.


MyROZ originates from the aviation term “ROZ” which stands for Restricted Operating Zone. MyROZ was founded by two United States Military Officers with extensive backgrounds in UAV and UAS operations. They believe that through MyROZ they could demonstrate how users can function responsibly and collaborate together in a collective effort to avoid air mishaps in any flight restricted zones. We are best when we can coordinate safety and operations ourselves, and keep the environment free and open to creativity!

“We as private citizens can manage drone safety, and MyROZ will be the users liaison towards government regulations oversight, so that the user doesn't have to deal with it.”

MyROZ is a free application with additional premium services and is compatible on all mobile devices and desktop computers. The MyROZ app has been 100% funded by its founders.

Become a Sponsor and Partner with Us –

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  • MyROZ may also be able to cater to specific request, at our discretion.

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Disclaimer: MyROZ is a desktop and mobile app for the recreational uav/ drone operator. It is intended to be used for uav/ drones which fly safely below 500 feet, it is presently not meant to be used for commercial or FAA regulated drones. We hope to make the application suitable for commercial applications in the future. We currently use Mapbox, “Drone no fly zone” to identify restricted flying areas on the MyROZ map. The drone data collected is all user provided and will initially work using the users mobile device GPS. For additional information, please see Terms of Use.